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Pratibha Patil
Former President of India

I was in the hospital for about 3 weeks. All the treatments and my stay was quiet comfortable. All the staff were quite attentive and careful. They made my stay here comfortable. Dr Varier came every day and enquired about my health. They look after the wellbeing of the patients very carefully. I wish the hospital all well.

Thank You,

Pratibha Patil

Ram Nath Kovind
Former President of India

Dear Dr Varier,

I would like to thank you for a memorable stay and treatment of myself and my family members from 28th June , 2023 to 10th July , 2023 at Arya Vaidya SALA (AVS) Kottakkal , which I am told, is 120 years old charitable institution engaged in the practice and propagation of Ayurveda . I am also happy to note that more than 500 genuine Ayurvedic Medicines are manufactured by AVS

My experience at AVS Kottakkal has been truly remarkable. The serene environment, Skilled practitioners, and holistic approach to Ayurcedic treatment have made a significant impact on my wellbeing. The traditional methods and authentic treatments offered at AVS are unparalleled. These ancient practices have immense potential and can contribute to the wellbeing of individuals and the nation as a whole. Our efforts should continue to explore and harness the full potential of traditional medicines

It is matter of great contentment that for the last more than 100 years, “The AVS” has been playing in the true role of nation building by keeping India fit and healthy.

I also had the privilege to watch the Kathakali perfomances by eminent artists of PSV Natyasangham, cultural wing of AVS. It was also a pleasure to visit the Herb Garden containing more than 1100 Species and planting “Rudraksh” trees.

I convey my sincere regards to you and your entire dedicated team for the special care and homely attention provided to me and my family

With Best Wishes

Yours Sincerely,

Ram Nath Kovind

Rahul Gandhi
Member of Indian Parliament

Thank you for a very wonderful experience. The staff is really wonderful.

H D DeveGowda
Former Prime Minister of India

I had heard of “Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala” many decades back. But I could not visit it. The name and fame of this hospital is there since 100  Years. The hospital under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Warrier has not only earned a very good name but also become a service centre in the name of traditional Indian Medicine. In the month of December 2019 I got an opportunity of getting treatment in this hospital. I was there for about 18 days. It was really a very good experience for me. The dedication and hospitality of the doctors and the staff, their sincere service, treatment with humanity, professional ethics with discipline. These qualities are very well seen and they are really laudable.

C Radhakrishnan
Malayalam Author, Physicist, Researcher and Media Person


WOW! HATS OFF TO IT!! “This institution is the role model for ideal holistic health-care. It is home-away-from-home, place of worship, well sprung of tradition and culture and the best rated centre for Ayurvedic studies in the world.” “For me it is just another word for a miracle. It brought me back from a very difficult condition and keeps me going.” “It is blessed with the saintly presence of Padma Bhushan Dr P K Warrier now Internationally known as the very embodiment of the healing prowess.”

Dr. Eberhard Will
Karl-Sommer-Strabe 51, 34128 Kassel, Germany

What would I do without my annual treatment in AHRC Kochi? I am suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, a nerval degenerative disease, that cannot be cured yet. I discovered AHRC 6 years ago and came for my first treatment. I was very particular to go to a hospital and not a wellness resort. In AHRC I found both in a way: a tranquil place in a residential area with contemporary setup, committed doctors and masseurs, a canteen with delicious Indian food and a serene atmosphere in which I regain strength and balance every time I come. After three to four weeks the results are visible and even more important felt positively for several months.

K C Venugopal
Member of Indian Parliament , Rajyasabha

It was a nice experience in my life to be part of Kottakkal Ayurveda treatment. Basically like feeling at home and everything including treatments, food services and doctor’s attention was excellent. Looking forward to come again.

Thank you

K C Venugopal

Shri Mathai Thuruthimattam
MA, MBA from US

All my doctors here are amazed by the wonders that Ayurveda has worked on me. In fact, one of the Allopathy doctors in the USA, who routinely conducts a TV show from New York City, on matters of self care, alternative medicine etc., recently praised Ayurveda on public TV. To get back to my condition: I am feeling a lot better now. I put my walker aside and started to walk with the help of a cane. I am using the low back (waist) belt when I drive the car. In fact, I am able to drive my cars for about one to one-and-half hours at a time without much discomfort. At present, I am trying to ambulate even without the cane. I have it in the car always; and take it with me when I take my daily strolls, just in case. Our sincere thanks to you, to all the wonderful staff who gave us such extraordinary and sincere service.

Uday Shankar
CEO Star TV India

What a remarkable hospital! Completely dedicated to the ideals of healing. Exceptional staff including the support staff. The Caretaker services are outstanding. Please keep it up. Thanks for making my stay memorable.

Vijay K Nambiar
U N Secretary General Special Advisor on Myanmar

While I have been well aware of the fame and reputation of the Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, it was only in 2014 that my wife and I were able to avail of the opportunity to visit this great institution. When we arrived there, we were welcomed warmly by one and all and made to feel comfortable in every way. Above all, we felt the inspiring presence of Padmabhushan Dr P K Warrier who is currently the Chief Mentor of this Institution. His detailed attention as well as profound understanding and insight into the health needs of all his patients was truly inspiring. My wife and I were privileged to receive his advice, understand his method of treatment and benefit from his practical wisdom. The meticulous attention and care provided by the staff and functionaries at all levels were exemplary and despite the rigor and discipline of their practice, we never, at any time, felt pressured in any way. Our experience was exceptionally gratifying and truly memorable. We wish Dr Warrier a long and healthy life and extend orvery best wishes to Arya Vaidya Sala.

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More than a Century of Health Care Tradition ...

More than a Century of Health Care Tradition ...

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